Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Present your argument evaluation and counterargument Essay

Present your argument evaluation and counterargument - Essay Example s, the factors which forms and orients a intelligence includes heredity or genetic or natural factors, which will be imbued when the child is born, and the other being environmental or nurturing factors, which can tune the child as he/she grows up. One argument is that heredity or genetics ‘naturally’ establishes the basic foundation of ones intelligence particularly the physical aspects needed for intelligence and then will function as the â€Å"blueprint† for the further development of the individual’s intelligence. However, the counter-argument is that the environmental or nurturing factors such as cultural, social, situational, and many more factors mainly influences the child’s development and the evolution of intelligence. So, focusing on this Nature vs. Nurture debate, the discussion will be about how nurture plays the crucial role in developing and orienting intelligence than nature. Hereditary or the genetic transmission of certain physical characteristics from the parents determines the physical part of an individual’s intelligence and thereby personality. That is, as the child is born, it will inherit the physical components needed for intelligence especially brain as well as other genetic materials which will be exhibited in the DNA of the offspring. So, just as the child will inherit certain physical features like eyes, color, height, hair, and others, the child could also inherit the genetic materials, which have made their parents or even their ancestors intelligent. This focus on nature being the reason for intelligence was first started in the late 1800’s, coinciding and consistent with the scientific discoveries made by Gregor Mendel and Charles Darwin regarding the role of inheritance as well as natural selection. The first prominent contributor for this psychological perspective was Francis Galton, who in his book "Hereditary Genius: It s Laws and Consequences† focused on how intelligent and talented individuals naturally tend to

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