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Final Exam Questions On Sociology - 1284 Words

Final Exam Essays ïÆ'Ëœ Description of your Growth and Learning this Semester o When I decided to take sociology it was because I needed the course. I had very little knowledge about things we discussed throughout this class but I’ve learned a lot of new and interesting things from class discussions. I took helpful notes and facts from articles and the online readings. They have also really helped me and given me insightful information. For example, when we did the activity with the colored beads. We picked beads and each color was a certain amount and that determined what group we were in. I found it interesting how most of everyone moved around but it was one girl I happened to be with when I was in the star group I noticed she never†¦show more content†¦As we discussed theories I more likely agreed with the Functionalist approach on things because I believe it takes us as individuals to make a whole work and that means us fulfilling our duties as people of society and not violating the norm. Most agree men do outside work while women do ins ide work. I personally agree but these roles are changing all the time. I can remember when I used to have to cut grass and wash dishes. I was taught to do both. I feel you are who are and that’s who you should be regardless of how others look at you. ïÆ'Ëœ What Social Factors/Social Forces Influence Who We Are? o I feel like technology, my religion, and media are the most significant things that have shaped me to be who I am today. I chose technology because it has shaped my generation period, such as the IPhone constantly coming out, social networks, and apps being created and making things easy access and faster. Communication with technology is also been on a rise. The news, TV, Radio, Internet, and all electronics have shaped me from what I use and choose to watch and listen to. I attend church and I believe and listen to how I am supposed to act and do before God. o I would have to say my race/ethnicity, religion, and people I’ve been around have molded me to the person I am today. I chose these two because I’m black and to me that means something in this world. Not only my skin color but my religion. What I believe makes me who I am and the decisions I pickShow MoreRelatedThe Textbook, Sociology867 Words   |  4 PagesThe textbook â€Å"Sociology† has tons of information at its publisher website, which includes a different variety of resources that can help expand a student’s understanding of the book and review concepts as well. The website not only has information about the textbook, but has other types of reliable information from outside sources to help understand sociology on a different level. The resources that the website provided were useful, but the resources that I believe that will help me the most is theRead MoreSdffdgdfgfdg1230 Words   |  5 PagesSOC101-53: PRINCIPLES OF SOCIOLOGY LECTURE SUMMER 2013 OUTLINE – 8 WEEKS LOCATION: ONLINE LECTURE HOURS/CREDITS: 3/3 Nancy Reeves, Adjunct Instructor College Center: B-142 (856) 468-5000 ext. 6423 Office Hours: By Appointment Only It is the responsibility of the student to review the Online Syllabus at: Additional information provided includes Core Competencies, Student Learning Outcomes, Topical OutlinesRead MoreMy First Day Of Old Bridge High School991 Words   |  4 Pagesregulation of my new school environment. Would my class interact with me? Will my host teacher accept me as an education student under her wing? Is this the grade level I want to commit myself too? These questions were buzzing around my head until I went to my first class. I walked into the sociology class expecting to have students staring me down and questioning why I was showing up so late in the school year to observe. Too my surprise the class did not let their â€Å"surprise† observer disrupt themRead MoreIntro to Sociology1167 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Intro to Sociology – 1/28 Book: Sidewalk by Dunier Available in NYU Bookstore March 13 – Midterm Exam 30% of Grade May 15 – Final Exam (8 in the Morning) Courses are central to the idea of concept ideas. Readings and course as whole might test hypothesis like pink Floyd, Another Brick in the Wall (No M/C, small essays). What is a Social Science? Empirical, Systematic, Conceptual. There are other realms that people think like how people believe what a society is; iRead MoreStudent Athletes For The University Of Ohio912 Words   |  4 Pagescomplete both tasks. Many students begin to show less motivation making it harder to stay focus and attend their required classes. This is the case of student- athlete Cardale Jones, a quarterback for the University of Ohio. After taking his sociology final exam, he commented that coming to class was pointless when his only responsibility was to play football for the university (Tracy 1). Student athletes start to show poor academic achievement when they consume a lot of time in their sports and oftenRead MoreGraduation Speech : College Toolbox1169 Words   |  5 Pagesinformation needed to pass test and exams. Next, another form may be in the method of study or discussion groups. In study groups, it’s very important to learn to work with others while still providing intellectual input to the group. One more type of active learning you will be asked to do is practicing the material you have already obtained. This is very important because the more you practice a certain topic the better you will become at it. The last and final way you may be asked to learn is byRead MoreThe Curriculum : Education Courses That Promote Professional Nursing Knowledge And Practice1121 Words   |  5 Pagescurriculum includes general education courses that enhance professional nursing knowledge and practice. †¨ Prerequisite general education courses to complete the nursing program consist of anatomy and physiology I II, microbiology, composition I II, sociology speech communications, mathematics for nursing, nursing technology, growth and development, general psychology, and workshop for hybrid students. Starting Fall 2015 semester the school of nursing will no longer require human growth and developmentRead MoreReading And Understanding College Textbooks1223 Words   |  5 Pageschose to implement MyReadingLab beginning in fall 2013 due to a number of challenges we had been facing. Previously, students had to take division exams on an internal web portal in our tutoring and testing center. If students did not receive an 80 percent, they would have to work with a tutor in the computer lab to improve their skills before taking the exam a second time. We experienced high volumes of paperwork and grading errors, and students were not getting what they needed to succeed. MyReadingLabRead MoreRace Class Gender 456 Final Exam1311 Words   |  6 PagesL.ADKINS RCG 456 FINAL EXAM L. Adkins Race Class Gender 456 Final Exam Laura Adkins DSU Student â€Æ' L. Adkins Race Class Gender 456 Final Exam 1. Elaborate Noel’s theory on the contact situation of race relations (20 pts). Sociologist Donald Noel’s hypotheses state, â€Å"If two or more groups come together in a contact situation characterized by ethnocentrism, competition, and a differential in power, then some form of racial or ethnic stratification will result (Healey O Brien, 2015, p. 104)Read MoreSociology A2 Revision 2012 34479 Words   |  18 PagesUnit 3 exam: Wednesday 13th June, am Unit 4 exam: Tuesday 19th June, pm Easter Revision: tbc A2 Syllabus: AQA Sociology GCE (new specification) Unit 3: Mass Media (SCLY3) Worth 20% of your final A Level Written paper, 1 hour 30 minutes 60 marks available Unit 4: Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods (SCLY4) Worth 30% of your final A Level Written paper, 2 hours 90 marks available Timetable Use your revision checklists to draw up a timetable for revision leading up to the exam. Make sure

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